Europa 27 Projects – Operations of strategic importance

Operations of strategic importance (OIS) have been defined in article 2 paragraph 5 of EU Regulation 2021/1060 and represent a novelty in European programming 2021-2027.

These are the strategic projects, the most representative ones and which provide a fundamental contribution to achieving the policy objectives of the Programmes.

For greater recognition of these interventions and for the public communication of these operations, also through the organization of events and initiatives, the name “Progetti Europa 27” was shared within the national network of INFORM ITA communicators.

Communication responsibility

For projects of strategic importance, some specific obligations are required by the Regulation, in particular concerning communication activities, the visibility of the support provided by the EU, information to the European Commission on the results achieved and the verification of the activities carried out by the Steering Committee. Surveillance.

As for interventions with a total cost exceeding 10 million euros, it is required – in addition to communication responsibilities – to plan a dedicated event or communication activity.

Operation of strategic importance: Province of Sulcis Iglesiente

Operation of strategic importance: Province of Taranto